Trade Promotion Planning

Trade promotions are a central task for Key Account Managers. Planning and execution of sales promotions is very important, since the greater part of product volume is transacted here. Internal solutions are often inaccurate, inflexible and time consuming.

Complete Trade Promotion Management

SynergyFOCUS allows for an automated comparison of planned promotions against realized promotions. This is a fully automatic process that uses promotion data provided by ActionFOCUS. That makes sales uplift analysis a lot easier. FOCUS takes care of the whole process and ensures a 24/7 availability with up to date should-is-comparisons of your promotion data.

Standardized and flexible

You can plan your promotions either through our online interface with custom fields or on the basis of already existing structures that you are currently working with. The structure of planning levels, article groups and company internal key account structures is highly customizable. SynergyFOCUS offers a wide range of additional metrics like shelf prices, share of shelf, out-of-stock and gross reach to further improve your promotion planning process.

All promotion plans and additional data can be downloaded das an Excel file or transmitted through interfaces to third party systems like Demand Planning and SAP.

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