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Checking your licenses and certificates

Licenses and seals that are awarded for products and services after thorough inspection and consideration lend a great deal of credibility to the tested product. This makes it attractive for the receiver to display a license or certificate for as long as possible. Timeframes are exceeded and labels get misused. If your certificate or quality marks are misused on a product or service that is not up to your standards, it might seriously harm the reputation of your license. To ensure that you are not being misrepresented by subpar products, tracking the usage of your license or certificate is vital.

How to track usage of your certificates

LicenseFOCUS allows you to track the usage of your issued certificates, licenses and seals of quality in any given media. Our qualified staff and automated systems find your seals at the point of sale, in printed promotions, billboards, TV, online stores and ads. This way you are ensured to know who is in violation of contract.

All information in one database

We provide you with picture proof of any infringement on your certificates, no matter what your parameters for such a breach of your terms of service might be. All of this is pre-sorted and easily accessible in an online database that alerts you to new entries at any time.

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