All shelf-prices, according to your needs

InStoreFOCUS gives you full monitoring of shelf prices at the point of sale across Europe based on your needs. We offer price monitoring for shelf prices, share of shelf tracking and out of stock evaluations.

InStoreFOCUS customers decide on the frequency and the selection of stores for their spot tests.

Answers to any retail question

To ensure your products being sold successfully optimal setups at the point of sale are obligatory. InStoreFOCUS offers answers for the following questions:

  • How are products, prices and assortments set up across the market?
  • How are share of shelf and secondary placement areas allocated?
  • How is the listing of the products InStore?
  • Is the assortment set up in accordance to your planogram (planogram control)?
  • What ist he current state of (secondary) placements at the point of sale?

InStoreFOCUS shelf monitoring is available for the following areas: DIY, Electronics, FMCG, Toys, Food, Non-Food and Textile.

Data quality and efficiency

Our data is collected and provided by FOCUS Price Scouts on location. These qualified full time employees are continuously educated and evaluated to provide the highest quality of data for your analysis of prices at the PoS. This data is provided automatically through individual interfaces and can be refined with your tags.

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