FOCUS Marketing Research GmbH

FOCUS assists more than 1.400 customers as a partner in consumer- and market-research for the retail industry. Besides providing up-to-date data on promotions, shelf prices and online prices for FMCG, we research communication and the effectiveness of promotions. For over 20 years and in 31 European countries we have set our research FOCUS on trade, pricing, communication and advertising effect.

We develop individual solutions (InnovationFOCUS) based on the specific challenges of our customers. High quality of data, being up to date and a clear and structured understanding of any target market are the natural basis for all our products.


As a market research institute we and our customers work with huge amounts of data. To process these efficiently, we’re using a solid and secure internal server environment. In some projects we additionally trust servers at centron. Redundant and highly efficient supply of energy, cooling and network guarantee high system stability and power-saving operation in both systems. Our physically secured and encrypted infrastructure allows for reliable protection of stored data.

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