Full overview of any online outlet

eBusinessFOCUS acquires price data from any online store or shop. The acquisition is realized through modern web crawling technologies that are continually adjusted to changes and new challenges of the online retail market.

eBusinessFOCUS allows you to analyse promotions and prices of online shops, online stores and price comparison services. The frequency of our crawling is set according to your needs. Our system allows you to tag products and commodity groups and the crawling of specific articles.

You’ll get information ranging from price information (price levels including modal, median, minimal and maximal prices), offer density for your specific products, links and screenshots of the online sites, to EAN codes, product attributes, out of stock situation and online placement.

Up-to-date price data, through your interfaces

Data is delivered up to date and internationally. To secure a smooth process we develop custom interfaces for regular data transfers to your systems.
eBusinessFOCUS helps you stay competitive by giving you a complete overview for your products. This allows you to adjust your pricing and advertising strategies fast and efficiently.

Automatic price adjustment

Special markers allow you to automatically adjust your prices. This way we ensure you never sell your wares beneath or above market value. As a manufacturer you get a complete overview of how your product is doing in online retail.

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