People are diverse

No matter how clear your target audience seems to be, there is much more to them, than meets the eye. Knowing about the big and little things that move them will give you a decisive edge in your market. But doing that can be tricky. Classical market research approaches very often dilute results or give invalid results.

Opinions free of Influence

What you need to do is approach your market in ways that are not invasive. FOCUS offers a wide variety of innovative interviewing and observation methods to get clean and truthful answers for your market research efforts in both business to consumer and business to business situations.

Consumers close-up and personal

To gain insights into your customer base, interviews and creative groups are the way to go, to evaluate any facet of your product, brand or service. To expand on that and to keep the product testing environment as organic as possible, there is also the possibility for InHome tests so the subject experiences the test situation as naturally as possible.

Limitless surveys

Surveys can be conducted at any conceivable place, be it on the streets, at the point of sale, inside your business, online or via the phone. Our professionally trained interviewers ensure that the interviewing process itself does not influence the answers you will receive. This way you can fully rely on the quality of the collected data.

Interactive Technology

We utilise the full scope of technology available to get you deep insights into how your target groups think and feel. From using mobile technology to swiftly conduct and analyse interviews, to complex eye-tracking solutions. We offer any method that will increase the value of the results for your particular needs.

Consumer and B2B research

ConsumerFOCUS is your portal to understanding what moves your market, customers, clients and peers. Consumer and business to business research for us are not only to give you a deep understanding of who you are dealing with, but also a way to help you discover entirely new markets and market segments.

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