Study: Trade Efficiency Assessment

FOCUS Marketing Research conducts face-to-face interviews for the trade efficiency assessment study commissioned by the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), the by G20 and the Global Coalition for Efficient Logistics. The study aims to identify the six key elements of trade efficiency indicators of the 21st century (21-6 ETEI).

The Business to Business survey will determine the current status of trade efficiency level and use of advanced technology. By utilizing today’s shipping operations from shelf-to-shelf, and an understanding of what makes technology possible today, we can

  • identify both strengths and opportunities for improvement in individual countries, regions and the world.
  • reduce costs in world trade by $ 1.3 trillion, and the G20 nations to USD 795 billion.
  • increase world trade by USD 1.2 trillion per year, resulting in an extensive job creation.

Once the 21-6 ETEI have achieved the optimal level, commercial excellence can be achieved. This will lead to significant benefits, e.g .:

  • Reduction of investment and export prices by up to 30%
  • Reduction in operating costs up to 15%
  • National and international growth in sales and exports through effective business integration
  • Acceleration and increase in trade financing
  • Qualify through its commitment to business excellence available for SMEs

Public, private and international organizations leading the G20 have recognized the importance of trade efficiency as an important key to the prosperity of the peoples, nations and the world as a whole. An efficient world trade reduces the cost of food, clothing and materials / supplies materials for the construction of our cities, and thus impacts the daily lives of 7 billion people worldwide. Improve trade efficiency through innovation provides a solid foundation to achieve sustainable growth in the global economy.

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