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ActionFOCUS is the European standard for promotion observation and analysis. More than 1.200 manufacturers and retailers use ActionFOCUS to successfully acquire information regarding promotions in retail which helps them adjust their strategies to new developments fast and efficiently.

ActionFOCUS gathers data on promotions in these areas: DIY, Electronics, FMCG, Toys, Food, Non-Food and Textile.

Up-to-date, versatile & with historical data

ActionFOCUSOnline is continually improved and developed based on the feedback of our international clients. Our promotion database is highly up to date and is constantly adjusted to developments and challenges of any market.

Our promotion database enables you to display every promotion of the current week and historical data for up to three years. Daily updates ensure a compact, complete and fast overview for all promotions including scans of the actual promotion. Our powerful search engine, great variety of reports and multi basket analysis support your own evaluations. FOCUS Marketing Research scans every flyer and advertisement to guarantee highest quality and timeliness.

Promotions quantified and analyzable

Our promotion data originates from our own household panels, media panels, online panels and TV-spots. That way every available channel will become highly transparent to our customers.

By measuring the amount of space it takes up, its gross reach and the gross promotion value, we help you to reliably evaluate promotions. Our calculations are a result of measuring the spread of flyers, pamphlets, ads, inserts and TV-spots. ActionFOCUSOnline allows you to quickly differentiate between national, regional and local promotions.

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